A true Story

Once upon a time there was a man who lost his eyesight over the course of his life. But what he could no longer see with his eyes, he was able to see with his hands. His fingers then started to itch and tingle until it reached the point where he could do nothing else than obey the itching and tingling. And so his fingers began to dance, but not in some haphazard way – no, they seemed to be drawing something! As his fingers painted unfamiliar symbols day after day, so he became desperate to know what the signs meant.

One day, the man with the dancing fingers met an old woman who was selling magic stones by the roadside. When she noticed that he was unable to see, she gave him one of her stones and fastened it to a turban which she told him to wear.

„The stone above your forehead will now be like an eye, but only in the sense that it will help you to see those things that cannot be seen with the naked eye,“ she told him.

He found this hard to believe, so he put on the turban – and suddenly lights of the most fabulous colours appeared before him! As he tried to express his thanks for this priceless gift, he could not see the old woman, only a glittering ball of light. And then he remembered that he had already seen this ball of light in his dreams thousands of times.
„I know you! You are the Stone Fairy from my dreams!“ shouted the man. And with these words, the old woman was transformed into a gorgeous fairy with wings like sparkling jewels.

The Stone Fairy then thanked the man for setting her free from this body. A curse had been placed on her and only a man without eyesight could have seen the light in her.

„I am grateful to have been rescued but tell me, dear man, what took you so long?“ asked the Stone Fairy, close to tears.

„I could not come any sooner. I am desperate because I keep drawing these symbols with my fingers and don‘t know what I‘m supposed to do with them!“ replied the man.

The delighted Stone Fairy said, „Well, let me encourage you! There are other creatures who, like me before you set me free, are trapped in another form and can only be saved by the stones. We must combine the symbols with my stones so that we can help people.“

And so the man with the dancing fingers and the Stone Fairy set out to fashion magical jewellery from the symbols and gemstones and use it to help others. They travelled the world together because they had to find out about the different powers of the stones before they could help others.

It became clear to them on their travels that all the beautiful stones and their properties appeared to be interlinked in the same way as the planets and living creatures. They realised, for instance, that all these elements are connected to one another like atoms and molecules.

Since the stones had different powers in spite of their universal connection to one another and could help people in different ways, it occurred to the man and the Stone Fairy to fashion pieces of jewellery that symbolised the elementary entities of life independently of one another:

creation, society, sense of order, character and action.

The two of them now had all their gemstones and returned home so that they could actually start making the jewellery. The man and the Stone Fairy kept their collections in a special place, known as the Space Palace, to make sure that the precious stones were always close enough to humans and to the universe to be able to transmit their constant supply of fresh power to the people.

The stones had more secrets to disclose, so the man and the Stone Fairy were to set off once more on their travels around the world in order to share their knowledge with others.

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