The history of
Space Spirit


Dr. Hadi Parvarandeh, born in 1926 in Tehran, developed a previously unknown method of energetic therapy healing throughout his life.

From 1975 onwards, he healed many people whom conventional medicine could no longer help. His highest claim was scientific verifiability through constant medical accompaniment.

In sharp distinction to esotericism, shamanism and any magical practices, Dr. Parvarandeh always emphasized the inadequacy of the healer, due to the limitations of his life journey and the resulting physical and mental limitations. Therefore, he always reiterated that energy therapy must not be commercialized which is why he treated the people seeking him without compensation.

Homayoun Esfarjani, suffering from a progressive blindness, came into contact with Dr. Hadi Parvarandeh during this phase to relieve his suffering. This encounter resulted in a close relationship and Dr. Parvarandeh became his teacher and mentor. The first joint projects began when his therapy center was established in Los Angeles.

Even after his passing, Homayoun Esfarjani, who has been blind for 35 years now, continues the life’s work of Dr. Parvarandeh.

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