Eye, feeling & perception

Minerals and sunlight form the foundation of the existence of living cells are the connecting element between nature and our body.

Every natural mineral stone is a composition of different chemical formulas which, in its wholeness, evoke the attraction of the eyes, the senses and the perception.

The force of attraction of the mineral stones causes a reflection of the minerals in our body, So that our eyes as well as our senses are integrated and integrated and processed in this circulation which therefore plays a significant role.

We people have partially forgotten, to attach meaning to the impact and power of minerals in order to enable a compensation for our mineral household/budget. To adjust the mineral structures of the body, ancient cultures have made use of this interplay between minerals and nutrition, even some till today.

We distinguish between Amorphous Stones and Crystalline Stones:

Amorphous Stones

Amorphous stones have been underestimated by society, partially even neglected. Amorphous stones convey a feeling of comfort and balance and they are dealt with step by step. They are appreciated by us if we learn to sense their power which is profoundly mystical.

People of the Western world have only begun giving attention to amorphous stones within the last 100 years, having recognized and opened themselves to the varied colorfulness.

The special meaning of amorphous stones was already highly appreciated and celebrated in ancient times and by ancient high cultures.

Crystalline Stones

Crystalline stones are grippers, i.e. the eye captures reflecting light and grips the senses/emotions. Due to the explosive power in our eyes, they grip the emotions, capture our heart and captivate our perception.

Crystalline stones are always immediately present and have the magical power to reflect their existence.

Only a profound observation is able to cause a tangible closeness due to the crystal reflection. At the same time, a swirl of feelings through the reflection as well as the luscious colors is evoked by the inspiration via the eye. One obtains a temporary calmed perception.

Crystallizing effects inspire and awaken us. When absorbing luscious colors, we feel comforted, calm and safe.

The atomic connection

The connection of our collections is comparable to atomic connections between all minerals on our planet.

Our “Atoms” represents the elementary linking unity of our released collections, of our collections still in progress and of our collections in the origination process which symbolizes the collective conscience at the same time.

In progress, more and more atoms are activated. If a new collection appears, an atom is filled.

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