Care and cleaning guide

for your wellness jewelry


Instruction Manual for all Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry

Congratulations on your Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry, your new companion through life! Through the individual compilation of different gemstones with the unique selection of different colors and qualities, your Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry can support you emotionally and enrich your everyday life. The natural intelligence of the gemstones benefits your inner and outer well-being. Please take your time to read the instruction manual carefully. Your Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry can emotionally support and enrich you in your everyday life through the special combination of different gemstones. Our gemstones are used to develop a new habitat or section when living in harmony with nature and thus also with the mineral stones. The explicit color and gemstone combination with the geometric shapes, can give your inner and outer well-being a new shine through the interaction and natural intelligence.

Our story begins with the greatest and most important mystery of humankind, the Big Bang, and with it the emergence of space, time and matter. Chemical reactions and also the interaction of natural energy sources such as sun, water and wind, cause an atomic connection between all minerals on our planet. Portions of these minerals can be found in all natural substances and living organisms on earth. The crystals and stones of our world are the strongest contemporary witnesses of the earth‘s biography. As a result, an incredible astronomical play of colors is captured and with it the immortalization of a fraction of the history of the universe. Everyone has the ability to internalize this harmony by adapting their thoughts and actions to the balance of nature. Our gemstones are arranged according to an intensively worked out design and order.

Emotional care product

Be prepared that something new and unique will enrich and brighten your life, something that you have never experienced before. Imagine your Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry as an emotional care product and your daily companion that carries you safely and connected through your everyday life. Think of your Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry as a plant that needs daily care and water to survive. Every morning at sunrise, it is supplied with new light, sometimes more, sometimes less. You can trust the natural intelligence of the universe, only this way can the gemstones adapt to your consciousness through the play of light and the chemical reactions in interaction. Your Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry needs love, care and nurturing through your mind and body with good thoughts, good conversations and good deeds.


Imagine that you buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers and you are connected to the plant through the scent. Ideally, you create a comparable connection to your Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry by breathing onto the gemstones when you open the packaging. Breathing creates a turbulence, a so-called moisture communicational transmission. In connection with your body temperature, there is an interaction with your mineral balance which builds up new energy in you.

Imagine that you buy a nice dress or other article of clothing. This wraps you comfortably through the fabric and you feel well-being and protection that carries you safely. Exquisite gemstones with exclusive cuts express their interaction when you wear them and let you shine.

A mobile phone with the best technology, but without a SIM card has „no connection“!


It is comparable to wellness jewelry, without the interaction that is generated by the heat in connection with your body‘s own minerals, you cannot establish a connection to nature or the universe so quickly.

Our pieces of jewelry are created by what nature provides us.


We only process the highest quality of precious metals and gemstones in the finest craftsmanship. The traceable origin of the stones, the purity, as well as the emergence of the natural growth process and the processing is extremely important to us. Only the interaction of all factors and the attention to detail make each piece of jewelry an incomparable unicum.

All products have a symbolic meaning due to the laws of geo-symmetry. The shapes, colors and elements of our designs are reflected in the origin of nature.

The interaction of the gemstone stone processes that we have developed in our designer models with their light sources and their different basic geometric shapes creates a vortex of energy for functionality. This creates a communication between wearer and model.

The marvel of creation is an evolutionary process that has evolved over many billions of years through the natural intelligence of the universe and our planet. As a result, people could experience in the course of their development that reality and responsibility for reality ultimately always lies within each individual; we learn the truth from our surroundings. So one sees the truth with the naked eye, one with a feeling, another with both. The interaction connects with your energy and ultimately the power of change of the stones lies within you.


  1. Do not wear Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry in combination with other jewelry containing artificial stones
  2. Do not wear Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry while sleeping
  3. Do not wear the Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry while exercising
  4. Do not wear the Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry when showering/bathing/washing
  5. Do not wear the Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry when doing housework/heavy work


How does Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry feel? The models can give you a new, pleasant feeling of energy and well-being in the form of

  • gentle stroking,
  • tingling,
  • a warm breeze,
  • a shower,
  • goose flesh,
  • a cold flow of energy, or
  • a pleasant feeling of pressure

in different parts of the body.

This sensation is very individual for each person and can occur in different reactions. Experiences show that the energy can be distributed more easily in a calm atmosphere without external influences.

If you don‘t feel an energetic interaction right away, please be patient and give the whole process time and space.

If you feel a surprising amount of energy at first, please don‘t expect it to last. This is subject to a natural regulation or adaptation process that is beyond your control.

Note: There is no guarantee that everyone can track electromagnetic energy. Experiences have shown that the positive response is generally much higher among women. If you are unsure or have any questions, we offer workshops if you are interested.

Care instructions

The renaturalization and reactivation process is Space Spirit‘s own know-how!

As the gemstones are no longer in their natural environment and have been severed from their created earthy connections, the cycle of their connection must be maintained.

Just as plants need water to grow, gemstones also need a certain amount of moisture for optimal care.

  1. Moisten a cotton swab, gently dab the gems with pure water. Please do not wet the precious metal under any circumstances!
  2. All Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry products should be placed on the windowsill for one night during each full moon period to receive direct moonlight radiation.
  3. After the full moon, the Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry products should be placed in the sunlight for at least 3 to 4 hours, 4 to 5 times a year so that the stones can be charged by the sun.

ATTENTION Except for amethyst and emerald, these gemstones may only be charged by the sun in strong sunlight for a maximum of 5-10 minutes. Otherwise there is a risk that the stones will lose their beautiful color.



Provide your Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry with light and fresh air. Breathe on it briefly before each wearing and enjoy the time of rest with your Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry to restore the balance between your inner and outer world. This way you can establish a communication with love with your gemstone world to find out your true needs.

“In truth lies calm, In calm lies strength,

In strength I find my center,

In my center I hear my inner voice,

With my inner voice I hear the truth again.”

You are back in the cycle of life through the interaction of the natural elements. This is how you fulfill your Space Spirit Wellness Jewelry.

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