Our basic idea is to bring the power of stones closer to people.

The basic prerequisite for all those who want to wear our designs, is to be aware of the fact that the power of gemstones and the absolute purity in combination with precise processing is our highest priority.

The fundamental principles of our philosophy are:

  1. Our stones must arise from a natural growth process
    Our stones must be unstressed
  2. Our stones must have a accountable origin, be extracted, selected, processed and inserted according to humanitarian criteria
  3. By means of our work, people shall retrieve the recognition value between natural gemstones, design, symbolism and metal working
  4. By means of our work, people shall retrieve memorability value between the universe, nature, themselves and their everyday life.

Our idea is to develop designs which:

  • Are for everyone
  • Matching the universal taste
  • Are affordable for everyone.


In the dedication and by way of thanks for the implementation power of his mentor, Homayoun Esfarjani, who is blind himself, will found a charity foundation to support needy women and parentless children.

For each sold designer model, 1 € is donated to a fund for a charity project.

It is our intention to involve not only women and children in everyday life with social projects, but to also help disadvantaged people with potential, among handicapped people with talents or those who are uprooted from life, to find their balance again.

The first project will be announced if it is at its final stage.

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